We are family Maeter and we are busy with the japanese art since 1989. Everything has startet with the interest of my father Rolf Maeter into Bonsai. Over the years a big collection of trees is decorating the traditional japanese garden. And the increase doesn´t stop.

In 1992 me, Robin Maeter was born. As I was a young boy I have been interested into the material too. Because of being 6 years along an active member of Karate Dojo in Steinfurt my interest into Japan still growth.

A good friend of us, John A. Van der Laan, had a lot of contacts in Japan. So he asked us if we are interested in buying japanese antiques. Started as hobby importing japanese hanging scrolls ends up in business.

We decided to found our company „DAIBOKAI“ („Daimichi Bonsai Kai“, means „Long way to Bonsai“ or „Big Wish Association“ regarding the 3 syllables „dai-bo-kai“). John A. Van der Laan taught my father how to create bonsai in his own company „DAIMICHI“. To honor John and give him respect to all these lessons about Bonsai and life, we have decided to follow up with his company name.

My mother Doris Maeter has been engaged into art and painting for years. In 2011 she has decided to learn more about the japanese way of painting. Now she has been specialized on japanese cards (Shikishi, Tanzaku, etc.). Her artwork is seen on a lot of exhibitions and is imported into many countries of the world. 

About 10 years later after founding the business - having a lot of experiences on exhibitions, starting the internet store and getting more and more different products, we have decided to make the hole thing bigger. We have made contracts with merchants and give lessons to our suppliers from Japan (Osaka) to have better import facilities.